Ong Lai Bro

JP Associates

Created in 2018, Ong Lai Bro is a trademark proprietary of JP Associates. In the past 2 years his responsibilities as company mascot include making Executive Search and Recruitment much more accessible to the majority of Malaysians working in IT and finance roles.  

Originally designed to cheer up JP Associates clients and candidates from a practical desktop calendar; Ong Lai Bro has since represented JP Associates on several mediums including website, posters, webcamcovers, t-shirts and stickers.

  • A fruit, not a vegetable
  • Works hard and plays hard
  • Being featured in Brandlah’s SME campaign on digital billboards along Jalan Tun Razak, Sprint Highway and Federal Highway viewed by over 60.2 million daily traffic users (July 2020)
  • Frequently seen on the desktops of high performance IT talents and on t-shirts around Mid Valley, Bangsar South and KL Eco City
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